The school teaches the highly regarded Royal Academy of Dance syllabus.  The classes range from pre-school ballet (age 3+) up to Grade 8 and vocational levels.  RAD ballet classes work towards examinations, as well as class and performance awards.  Below is some more information on our classes.

If you would like to read more about the RAD and their values, please follow this link

Pre school ballet  

These classes are suitable for ages 3 upwards, and are a fun way of introducing your child to ballet.  Most classes are based around storytelling, and the children explore dance through their imagination, as well as the use of fun props and magical music!

Introductory, Pre primary and Primary ballet

These classes are for children age 4 and above, and start to introduce the foundations of ballet training.  The children also have a tap dance lesson included.  The children are able to undertake their first examinations in these classes. 

Grades 1-5 ballet

Students further their ballet training, and are able to undertake examinations and  awards if they choose.  For more information on RAD examination requirements please follow this link Each grade requires a good deal of study (5 school terms is the recommended study time required by the RAD). 

Grades 6-8 ballet

These grades are for students who have trained extensively, and require students to further their performance and technique. In addition, examinations at this level and vocational level can contribute towards UCAS points. 

Vocational ballet

Vocational ballet classes are classes aimed at students who have the potential to train at a very high level of technique, and require recommendation by your teacher to attend.  The classes range from Intermediate Foundation to Advanced 2 level. Students attend these classes twice a week in addition to their Graded ballet classes, and have the chance to study pointe work.  For more information please see here

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